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  •  janus..don't be two faced (none)
    and here is my letter to janus:

    I have a small 401k in which 20% is vested in your janus cap apprec portfolio. If you are aware of the Sinclair Broadcasting controversy over the showing of a political propaganda hit piece days before a national election, then you understand why i writing to you. I would advise you to drop Sinclair from your fund before the airing of this "made for tv" propoganda. If not, i will be rolling this over into another fund which does not support companies who may be illegally breaking FCC and FEC rules in a general election, and who are definitely acting against the interests of american values. I will be joining the boycott of Sinclair advertisers, along with millions of other American citizens, and like them, will no longer be watching or listening to any of their stations.


    what do you say to the last republican who votes kerry instead of bush so as not to make another mistake

    by demnomore on Mon Oct 11, 2004 at 10:27:16 PM PDT

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