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  •  Even in Red Idaho (7+ / 0-)

    we Democrats are taking this thing seriously.

    After listening to me say, "I have to go get my Obama sign" for 4 days, my 10 year old said, "Mom, let's get it today, OK?".  So, I picked him up from school and off we went to Dem headquarters.  There was a woman in front of me picking up one also.  She said that she really wanted a "Republicans for Obama" sign but since they didn't have one...she would take the traditional.  We chatted a bit and she said her friends were telling her to be quiet about this.  Ya know, just shut up.  She said, I'm buying my sign, some stickers and some buttons and I will not shut up!

    BTW, they were almost out of Obama yard signs and would not be ordering any more so I was glad to get mine.

    Since I can't hope for Blue from Idaho, most of my friends and I have decided that even purple will make the Rethugs of this country take note.

    Oh, and my son got free Obama stickers for his school binder and got one for his friend.  And all his friends on "My Yearbook" have Obama pics in their profiles.  Gotta love it!

    John McCain: Prisoner Of W

    by pattisigh on Mon Sep 08, 2008 at 12:38:39 PM PDT

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