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    The woman's suffrage movement in America happened during a time when the internet and cheap flights did not exist. So you can't compare that era to now.

    The wahhibism, which has caused a radical WORSENING of women's rights in Arab lands--yep, 30 years ago Kuwaiti women were wearing miniskirts--is funded directly by oil. There are many, many things we can start doing now that over time will destroy that advantage the hateful minority have over liberals and moderates (who you don't hear from because speaking out is far more dangerous there than here).

    We in large part funded this rise of Wahibbism, and we can't just turn our backs and say, "that's another culture, has nothing to do with me". Our prints, as westerners, are all over this one.

    I wonder, if all that money going to Wahibbis disappeared from the fundamentalists hands, what change would we see? I suspect a lot.  Let's just hope that OUR fundamentalists, whose worldview is nearly identical when you get down to brass  tacks, don't acquire a source of funding that reliable and rich. Yes, they outspend us now, but to match the situation in Saudia Arabia, they'd have to spend ten times as much.

    How well would we do if every hard-right fundie christian church had millions of dollars of free money to spend? No fundraising required?

    What we see in Saudi Arabia is not "culture"; rather, it is an imbalance of normal human culture. One faction has gained a bizarre, unnatural amount of influence.  Countering it is the moral duty of every human being.

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      Just as it is intrinsically wrong for us to impose our values upon another culture and deem them backwards or heathens, we have culpability with Taliban (and other regimes) rule.

      Just goes to show what GW's "spreading peace and freedom thoughout the world" comes to when you force a culture to change based upon your own ideals.

      Until we can rid the US of such institutions as the SOA (or WHISC as it's called now) we cannot go anywhere in the world and tout our high ideals of democracy and goodness.

      I am all for supporting those who rise up against their captors and say to the world it is time for a change.

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