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View Diary: Did Palin Evade Federal Taxes via Fake "Per Diems"? (29 comments)

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  •  her counter to the "away from home" is that her (8+ / 0-)

    residence was actual the state capitol.  She could possibly claim that right.  It can be muddled as to the question of "residence" could be Juneau, but brings up additional questions as to flights for her children back and forth being paid by the state as she can only have one residence.

    •  I Think Palin Botched It (12+ / 0-)

      The answer really depends on what Palin's tax returns say. (Anybody know where they are?)

      But the State Comptroller alludes to an important question in the Post article, which is this question of "home" or "residence." (She calls it "duty station," which is not really the right language from what I read in IRS publications. That term only applies to Track Palin.)

      The link I added to Tax Topic 511 has some guidance on this question. But if the Post is correct, it appears Palin (and family) may be having it both ways and running afoul of federal tax obligations in the process. I think you're exactly right: the IRS understandably requires a very clean separation between "business" and "home." Otherwise you would be accepting excess income and not paying taxes on it.

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