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    push back? when is this going to really happen and in a big big way? the republicans are controlling the narrative and the MSM is following the script. when is obama going to call mcain a liar? when is obama going to bring a gun to the fight while the republicans sharpen the knives and then stick them where the hurt. taking the high road is fine....but the low road will win the republicans this election. obama-biden needs to run against mccain's strength of honor, reform, maverick. he is an honorable man but not an honorable politician. he has no history of reforming the republican party and being a maverick means appointing a fundamentalist as his running mate. push back team obama-biden! get out the gun and start shooting. win this damn election! it remains yours to lose! what have we done here in portland, oregon? gotten more democrats to register. but oregon will stay blue. so we call our relatives in Colorado and Arizona and make the case.

    this is not just about perverting obama's legislative history it is also attack on public schooling. public schooling is a "monopoly"? so like being a employed by an ecumenical christian non-profit as a community organizer is also anti-American?

    Obama-Biden needs to push back on this shit! he needs to call out McCain and Palin as liars, and push back hard with the facts over and over and over and take control of the narrative again so the MSM starts asking McCain and Palin questions about their honesty.

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