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  •  sounds like a great book (none)
    I'm sure the powers-that-be have already devised strategies to water down and cheapen the impact of the internet revolution, so what can we do to make this doesn't happen? Also, although I haven't seen any recent numbers, I'm sure the Internet continues to be largely the province of the middle and upper classes in the U.S. If we could make WiFi PC's as cheap as cell phones and get the more underpriviledged elements of our society online THAT would be revolutionary.
    •  Here is a list of things we need to do. (3.50)

      We need to USE the technology to stay cutting edge. Leverage technology to reduce costs and improve communication. This means using Bit Torrent in an intergrated system to add video to this site. This means peer to peer web streaming, which allows anyone to have a radio show. Any diary, and any poster should be able to host their own shows.

      We need to have progressive job listings, like and

      We need social networking tools, like friendster, tribes, etc.

      We need to be better organized, we need databases with all of the phone numbers from every media company so that if any of them pulls anything we can contact them immediately.

      We need a book review system so people who read books like Lakoff's book can review it and help promote it. We need to promote our own books, a diary poster who has a lot of fans should be able to write a book and this site should have a system in place to promote their book. Blogs should also act as a think tank, and should produce books.

      We could start a co-op, we could build an entire economy around these blogs and a lot of us could profit. We can become the journalists and think tanks, we have that ability. We also have the ability to better network with each other, to hire other progressives when we can, to buy from progressive companies when we can, and to have precise organized boycotts on companies like Sinclair. Any company which decides to get political can go on a boycott list. We can make this site a portal site not just to political journalism, but to political shopping if you are on a boycott by giving a list of sites to products which are sold by progressive companies on a "buy" list.

      We could have a progressive mutual fund, run by this website to allow us to pool our stock and our money not just for politics but for profit.

      There are a lot of possibilities, but I think the end result should be that we become the leading progressive think tank. We must stay democratic in that we must have a web of trust based rating system to rate diary posts. A person with a lot of good diary posts should move up in the rankings and have their diary displayed first. By having the foundation in place to promote books, people with popular writings or diaries should have the ability to write books and sell them through the blog to their fans, if they have fans.

      So the goal would be to both build an economy around the blogs and to build community. This is a lot easier than you'd think because all the technology is here.

      Rageaholics are unfit for command. Rage as an addiction

      by Lucian on Tue Oct 12, 2004 at 12:57:46 PM PDT

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