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  •  All the fun of a community organization... (none)
    Blogs:  all the fun of a community organization without the bother of having to expend the effort to get up off your butt and actually attend the meeting (where you might be asked to volunteer to do some "work" to boot)!


    •  Well Put!!!! (none)
      You NAILED it!

      It's paradoxical, but the very thing that is supposedly bringing everyone together is really seeded in sitting in front of a computer screen. Alone. Blogging also means you're talking only to likeminded people who go to an online community to talk to other likeminded people.

      Here is what will be a very unpopular example. Recently a Congressional Candidate allowed bloggers to create a daily schedule for him. This got a lot of press and attention because he was giving power to the people and letting the people decide what he was going to do. This sounds great but for one small problem, the resulting daily schedule did not include one hour of fundraising call time or attendence at a scheduled funraising event. Go and ask ANY political professional if this is a good thing and they'll say no. It might sound nice to say "Jeff shook a lot of hands and really listened to people and then read to his daughter!!" but it's not possible to handshake your way into office. You can't do it at the Congressional level. Congressional Districts have over 1/2 million people and it's prohibitive to meet them all. The onl way to communicate at that scale is with paid media, including direct mail and that takes MONEY. A candidate not spending significant time raising money is not doing the right thing to get elected. Spending time on the phone isn't fun, glamourous or newsworthy, which is why you rarely see news reports saying "Jeff Seeman today spent five hours on the telephone calling potential donors, 90% of whom either hung up on him or said 'no.'"

      Furthermore, for the same reason that internet polls or call in polls are dismissed for not representing a random sampling of a universe, blogs carry the same problem. Kos is NOT a random sampling of the USA, it's a place where liberal go to talk about liberal things with other liberal people.

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