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View Diary: NY-26: A shocker tonight in western New York (36 comments)

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    sardonyx, Super Grover

    This is similar to what happened when Russ Feingold first ran for US Senate in 1992.  He was running a distant third in a 3 way primary.  He had little money, and no name recognition.  The top two candidates, on the other hand, were running neck and neck in the polls, and both had lots of money.  Then, right before primary day, the least progressive of the 3 candidates took a lead, and the guy in second place realized that he wasn't going to win.  He was so mad at the guy who was in the lead, that he told his supporters to vote for Feingold instead of for him.

    The rest is history.  Feingold won the primary,  beat the incumbent Senator, and (fortunately) is still serving.

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