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View Diary: What have you done for Obama today? (53 days left) (69 comments)

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    I emailed Meteor Blades this morning in response to the front page poll on campaign volunteering.  

    Over 179,000 people have registered on this web-site.  Less than 5,000 report volunteering for Obama's campaign.  What is wrong with this picture?

    Less than 8,000 responded to the poll.  Among those that did respond, 60- 65% are Obama volunteers,  a small percentage are volunteering for Senate, Rep, AG, and other local campaigns, and 35-40% have not volunteered for any campaign!  

    With all the Chicken Littles and hand-wringers filling pages and pages of diaries and comments with worry and foreboding, why don't they do something?  Like now!  It'll lift their depression and give effect to the change our country needs in Nov!

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