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View Diary: NC-Sen: Liddy Dole, liar (36 comments)

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  •  Liar? She's a MASS MURDERER... (0+ / 0-)

    ... When are the Dems gonna pull the gloves off on this biatch?

    As head of the Redcross at the time AIDs was just being discovered, she refused to shut down and clean up the blood supply. She refused to take any preventative measures to assure to the best of our technological ability at the time, that the blood supply was not an infection vector.

    Citing it as being "too expensive" to bother, she did nothing and condemned 18,000 Hemopheliac's to death... for money.

    She is the greatest mass murderer in US history, and she's walking the halls of the Senate because noone in the democratic party has the balls to call her what she is.... a murdering piece of shit.

    Time has come to stick a fork in her, she's done. Make it clear to the people of NC that she made decisions to save a buck that slaughtered thousands of Americans... far more than AlQuida ever killed.

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