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View Diary: Palin Spokesperson: That Reality You See Never Happened (246 comments)

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  •  The Problem Here Is Not With The Lies.. (1+ / 0-)
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    American politics from the time of Jefferson have put forward the vilest detractions and calumnies against their opponents, and they have all been known to misrepresent their own records.  But, for two hundred years at least, there has existed a certain critical mass of the Press which has exercised a policing function on such prevarications, even during periods when the majority of the newspapers were merely partisan pamphlets. That's the way our political system evolved, and the objective investigations by the "fourth estate" have become a necessary and integral part of how our system operates.

    But apparently this has become irreparably broken.  On the pretext of being "objective", the Press largely has abdicated its watchdog role, and now acts solely as conduit for the spin proffered by the campaigns.  It's just one long, interminable edition of Crossfire, which aside from institutionalizing the basest kind of political debate, has allowed politicians to lie shamefaced to the public with impunity.

    It's pretty goddamn pitiful when the only "journalists" willing to confront John McCain on the factual inaccuracies of his campaign narrative are the "Ladies of The View".

    Ed Murrow is turning over in his grave right now, and I wouldn't blame him for rising up and gathering Messrs. Brokaw, Williams, Gibson and Ms. Couric for a long tour of Hell.  (Drudge he would simply sucker punch, piss upon and leave whimpering in some alley behind a strip club.)

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