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    Sui Juris

    My husband and I plan to move back to Florida at some point, because of how much we enjoy the lifestyle there, and accessbility to the ocean. We're constantly asked why we'd want to put ourself someplace like that again.

    The thing is, I've lived all over the country, in many obvious "stupid zones", and some not-so-obvious. I've lived in earthquake zones, tornado alleys, and hurricane zones. I've also lived in places where winter ice storms regularly kill more people than hurricanes or earthquakes per year (on average).

    When we make our ove, we're going to build our own home, utilizing careful planning to go both as green as possible, and as safe as possible. We won't be beachside, but inland, and we'll try to construct to be as hurricane-proof as possible.

    And we'll evacuate when it's wise, after having standing plans to do so in place.

    This makes us sound very sane and sensible and prudent - and maybe we are. But since this is our dream, we'd like to be able to actually enjoy it as much as possible. And take the good with the bad.

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