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View Diary: NATIONAL! The smoking gun on voter registration fraud: Nathan Sproul (217 comments)

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  •  The relevant TAP article passage... (4.00)
    ...which shows the contractual connection between Voters' Outreach of America and Sproul & Associates, who are directly funded by the RNC:

    Nor has Nader denounced the covert assistance his Arizona ballot-qualification effort received from Sproul, who is currently running the No Taxpayer Money For Politicians" initiative, a right-wing effort to ban candidates from receiving public financing. According to several sources, two of the contractors Sproul hired to oversee petition gathering for No Taxpayer Money For Politicians -- Aaron "A.J." James, who directs Voters' Outreach of America, and Diane Burns -- were also paid by Sproul to get as many signatures as possible for Nader.

    (emphasis mine)

    We need to start digging on Aaron "A.J." James.


    Mitch Gore

    No one will change America for you. You must work to make it happen.

    by Lestatdelc on Wed Oct 13, 2004 at 05:15:48 AM PDT

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    •  On AJ... (none)
      ...only Aaron James that comes up in Lexis news, and is linked to republicanism in any way, is this:

      The Republican mayor of Wichita, Bob Knight, ran for the GOP nomination for Gov in 2002.  He lost.  Local paper ran a story with a pic of him at the Olive Garden with his family.  One pic caption: Knight with son-in-law Aaron James.

      Will try to find out about Knight's RNC/Bush/Rove connections...

      •  HE also goes by AJ (4.00)
        according to an article on indymedia.

        Voters Outreach of America, Inc. was incorporated in Nevada - info available on the Nevada Sec of State/corporations website.

        Aaron James (also misspelled Arron James) is listed as an officer so is a Benjamin McLiechey, Jr.

        I'd be surprised if VOAI is authorized to do business in any of the other states in which it is operating as a "foreign corporation."

        FWIW - Sproul & Associates, Inc. is an AZ corporation and is deliquent in filing its annual report.

        To get corporate info- just google the name of the state you are interested in and the "secretary of state corporations".

        Most states have searchable databases for corporate information.

        For instance, National Voter Outreach, Inc. is also a NV corporation, with its President and Secretary being a Susan Johnson of Michigan, probably the same Susan Johnson of Michigan who googles out to be on the slate of electors for Bush/Cheney in that state.

        Another name that keeps cropping up is JMS, Inc. a Florida outfit - lady by the name of Jenny Breslyn involved.

        •  Makes me wonder again (none)
          why the federales went after Indy's servers... think someone put in call?

          It probably won't stick to Blinky, though... he was taking an 18-minute nap.

        •  Nevada Registrations (none)
          A Googling of the address for the records listed by the Nevada Secretary of State for "Voters Outreach of America" turns up this website:

          It's founded and owed by Mr. Todd J. Mc Millan, who's listed as the primary agent (the person who is accepted by the registered corporation to receive legal documents, notices, etc.) for the company.

          His website boasts, in what seems to be Mr. Mc Millan's biggest draw:

          "Reap the protective benefits of a Nevada Corporation and Nevada LLC by incorporating in Nevada today. Enjoy the complete confidentiality of the Secretary of State's Office thru the nearly impenetrable Officers and Directors "veil" of the Nevada court system."

          And some of the benefits listed  --


          Mr. Mc Millan is also ex-military/government -- (

          "With the exception of a six year United States Air Force Korean tour of duty as a Special Agent, Office of Special Investigations, Office of the USAF Inspector General, Pentagon, DC, Mr. Mc Millan has spent over 50 years in all facets of real estate and corporate finance to include all phases and types of construction, finance, brokerage, management and corporate directorship. [...] Together, with his wife Irene, they own apartment complexes in three states and are involved with over one hundred corporations on an international basis."

          His email address is

          This is just what I've come up with in a few minutes.  This guy probably isn't really connected to whatever's going on, but I think that whoever is behind VOofA probably picked this guy's company for a reason.  Perhaps a lawyer could shed more light on Nevada's laws regarding these sorts of registrations and whether they're actually bulletproof shields that would prevent one from knowing who owns or controls the company.

          •  possible contact info for Todd McMillan (none)
            There are 2 listings for Todd McMillan on Yahoo People Search:

            1) Todd J Mcmillan

            Las Vegas, NV 89101-0000

            Tel.: (702) 438-8602

            2) Todd  Mcmillan

            4458 Zev Ct
            Las Vegas, NV 89121-5738

            Tel.: (702) 658-7966

            My guess is that one listing is residential & the other business.

            I wonder if he's a Ranger?  Does anyone kow of a Ranger database?


            "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" -- John Kerry, 1971.

            by peace voter on Wed Oct 13, 2004 at 11:21:19 PM PDT

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    •  possible contact info for A.J. (4.00)
      Yahoo People Search lists only 1 Aaron James in Arizona: Aaron James 851 E Toledo St Gilbert, AZ (480) 699-0408 This address is southeast of Tempe and may not be the address for our Aaron James. I also found an interesting article posted at Arizona Indymedia that discusses Sproul, A.J. & the Nader petition fiasco. Here's an excerpt:
      "Derek Lee, who, as owner of Lee Petitions, was part of the traveling petition carnival that descended on Arizona this spring. "The only thing I can tell you for sure is that Aaron was working with Nathan [Sproul] on this Nader thing. I've heard that from a number of people but they put the hush-hush on it real quick." Reached by phone, Burns and James were clearly nonplussed; when asked if they were hired by Sproul to get signatures for Nader, both immediately hung up. Neither responded to follow-up interview requests. According to a source who monitored petitioning in Arizona this spring, Sproul covered his tracks by having his secretary deliver Burns and James' Nader petitions to Breslyn, who was operating out of "a low-end motel" in Scottsdale. Upon receiving the petitions, the source says, Breslyn mixed them in with her own. Breslyn did not deny receiving petitions from Sproul: "I wasn't there [at the motel] all the time. I can't discuss my clients with you," Breslyn said. "I don't really even know Mr. Sproul"

      "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" -- John Kerry, 1971.

      by peace voter on Wed Oct 13, 2004 at 02:06:46 PM PDT

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      •  For what it is worth (4.00)
        Nathan Sproul is listed multiple times in at an address in Gilbert AZ, via his involvement with Voyager Expanded Learning as its "President", which is seeking tutoring contracts through the NCLB program in Nevada and AZ.

        GILBERT,AZ 85296
        Bush, George W

        GILBERT,AZ 85296
        Bush, George W

        This is where Sproul personally hit the McCain/Feingold ceiling in donating directly the Bush Cheney Campign this cycle.


        Mitch Gore

        No one will change America for you. You must work to make it happen.

        by Lestatdelc on Wed Oct 13, 2004 at 02:38:48 PM PDT

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        •  The weird thin is... (none)
          Sproul lists with the FEC that he is president of Voyager Learning at a Gilbert AZ locale, when according to the AZ gov. websites about alternate education programs for NCLB, it lists Voyager and Sproul by name as being in Chandler AZ


          Mitch Gore

          No one will change America for you. You must work to make it happen.

          by Lestatdelc on Wed Oct 13, 2004 at 02:51:40 PM PDT

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        •  Sproul's listed, too (none)
          Mr. Nathan Sproul is also listed on Yahoo People Search:

          Nathan  Sproul

          1434 N Woodside Dr
          Chandler, AZ 85224-7846

          Tel.: (480) 219-0395

          (if you look at the map for A.J.'s address, it appears to be about midway between "downtown" Chandler than to "downtown" Gilbert.)


          "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" -- John Kerry, 1971.

          by peace voter on Wed Oct 13, 2004 at 03:01:14 PM PDT

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