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View Diary: NATIONAL! The smoking gun on voter registration fraud: Nathan Sproul (217 comments)

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  •  This IS the October Surprise! (none)
    And the only way we found out (but perhaps, still too late) was the characteristic greed of the GOP greaseball that they hired. I wouldn't be surpised to find out that this inhuman slime sold "Internets Viagra" before working with Enron et al.
    •  But it's a story that could affect the election (none)
      Americans, as a rule, don't like cheaters.

      If we can show this was a coordinated and organized effort, voters could swing to our side.

      •  Huh? (none)
        I thought you were going to bed.

        This aggression will not stand, man

        by kaleidescope on Wed Oct 13, 2004 at 10:49:06 AM PDT

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      •  You say (none)
        that America doesn't like cheaters...

        I've been trying to keep a neo-con associate of mine up-to-date on this and his only response is that "the Democrats do it too."

      •  Lasting Meme to push - Greed vs. Need (4.00)
        Ok folks, our dear Nathan Sproul has gotten himself into the news cycle for all his registration efforts. The take-away meme from that story, however, is the not very surprising "tight elections bring out a few scumbags". Hopefully, people will also realize that the scumbags are disproportionately Republican.

        A longer lasting meme I think we should push, however, now that Nathan is in the news, emerges from the story about what he did between elections - pushing substandard and overpriced educational materials by way of his political connections. Hired after the 2000 election cycle by Voyager Learning - a company that puts out untested, and (according to teachers who've been forced to use it) boring curricular materials focused on getting students to pass all the mandated testing that came first with Bush's "reform" of education in Texas, and now nationally with No Child Left Behind.

        Voyager Learning seems, according to this inquiry, to get its big contracts not because it's product actually WORKS, but because the company is full of republican operators who know how to work the system.

        Which leaves us with this meme - useful in expanding the conversation with the media that the voter fraud allegations will obviously bring up in the next few days - that Bush and Co have proven themselves willing, even eager, to sacrifice our children's need for a quality education to the greed of their contributors and cronies.

        If that doesn't affect the thinking of parents everywhere, nothing will.
    •  Other Sproul-types out there? (none)
      Rat, you said "And the only way we found out (but perhaps, still too late) was the characteristic greed of the GOP greaseball that they hired."

      Haven't read this thread in detail, but am wondering whether there could be other Sproul-types out there who aren't so greedy and so they are still below the radar?

      •  Entirely possible (none)
        That's entirely possible. Remember though, I live in Florida, and have seen the dark underbelly of the JEB! Junta and their callous disregard for the law, the state Constitution, and the people.

        I'm seeing armed state police visiting elderly blacks at night and telling them they could be part of a criminal investigation, even though that case was closed befor they showed up.

        I'm seeing the state Legislature pass a law that forbids recounts of elections using electronic voting machines, and ONLY the votes tabulated by electronic voting machines.

        I'm seeing a state that ignores a Federal judge when ordered to cease using the "voter purge lists" of 2000, and doesn't restore the rights of innocent people, and then holds the 2002 elections under the same circumstances, using the same lists, disenfranchising people yet again (and getting Katherine Harris elected to Congress.)

        So yes, I do believe that there are others out there doing what Sproul is doing. Unfortunately, here in Florida, they're probably on the state payroll.

        •  Rat, whenever I read things... (none)
          like you just wrote, I wonder why people can't see. I have thoughts on this, but won't post here.

          Thanks for writing your message. And thanks for your comment re your belief that others out there are doing what Sproul is doing. I believe it, too.

    •  "the only way we found out..." (none)
      Don' t  forget the poor temps and alert librarians who blew the whistle.
      •  very true (none)
        That's true, but we'd have had a smaller chance of this breaking if Mr. Spooge- er, Sproul had paid his bills and offered a salary that would have attracted people smart enough to shred the ballots after hours. ;)

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