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View Diary: NATIONAL! The smoking gun on voter registration fraud: Nathan Sproul (217 comments)

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    Great work.  The Repugs are really desperate.  IIRC, under the recent legislation after the 2000 election, each polling place is supposed to have provisional ballots for people who claim they were registered.  This will gum up the count for weeks.  Meanwhile BushCo will just continue their horrible policies and act as if they won.  There will be no dislodging them without civil action.  

    There aren't enough cops or guard to protect this gov't once the people withdraw therir consent.

    In CA we get mailed a voter pamphlet and sample ballot.  Anyone who doesn't get one, or whatever they mail in your state, should inquire of the county registrar.  

    And get the story out.

    If you're going in the wrong direction and you stay the course, where, exactly, do you wind up?

    by Mimikatz on Wed Oct 13, 2004 at 02:06:54 PM PDT

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