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View Diary: NATIONAL! The smoking gun on voter registration fraud: Nathan Sproul (217 comments)

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  •  Right-wing spin: attack ACORN (3.50)
    Take several deep breaths before going here at

    I see much that leads me to the conclusion that the Democratic Party has given up on trying to win elections within the purview of the law.

    Examples of an impending Election Day train wreck ...

    In Reading, Pennsylvania
    Director of Elections V. Kurt Bellman told the Board of Elections this week that there have been flagrant attempts at voter registration fraud. ...
    "Not only do we have unintentional duplication of voter registrations but we have blatant duplicate voter registrations."
    Groups like the Association Communication Organization for Reform Now (ACORN), and the Citizens for Consumer Justice are both well connected to the Democratic Party and its agenda. ACORN claim's to have registered over 70,000 new voters in Pennsylvania this year.

    Ohio is also investigating possible voter fraud in Hamilton County and  Columbus. Again, the party to alleged fraud is ACORN. While the numbers to date of possible voter fraud are so far small, 19 registrations, the possibilities for many more are enormous.
    ACORN has registered over 1 million new voters nationwide, including some 158,000 in Ohio alone....

    Vincent Fiore is a freelance political writer who lives in New York City

    GOP USA has a Fiore bio here.

    •  Duplication is not fraud (4.00)
      There is NOTHING to this. OFten people will register several times throughout the year to make sure they are registered. Duplicates are routinely purged and is not indicative of fraud or any sort of foul play.

      There is literally NOTHING in these "accusations" as duplicated registration is normal, non-fraudulent and does not generate multiple ballots or multiple chances of voting.


      Mitch Gore

      No one will change America for you. You must work to make it happen.

      by Lestatdelc on Wed Oct 13, 2004 at 02:57:46 PM PDT

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      •  True (none)
        But, some GOP tactics (cash for Republican registration cards) encourages canvassers to use deception to get people to duplicate registration.  

        It is the reponsibility of a person signing a form to know what they are signing, but these canvasseres are lying about what the form is.  If the voter doesn't fill out the name and address part correctly (you would double check for mistakes in the address portion and perhaps only use one of several possible addresses if you knew what it was for) -- the mail in ballot will not be sent to the correct location.  Being switched to Republican status is really inconsequential until the next primary.

        It is also possible that Sproul type canvassers will mangle the address portion -- effectively eliminating someone from the voter rolls.  

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