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View Diary: NATIONAL! The smoking gun on voter registration fraud: Nathan Sproul (217 comments)

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  •  building an alibi (none)
    One of the justifications for challenging an election result is the numbers affiliated with each party in a particular precinct. Remember Florida 2000--it was the result in certain counties that was particularly hotly contested.

    So if they sign up a whole bunch of "Republicans" and the Democratic candidate wins, they've got another reason to cry foul if Diebold doesn't deliver.

    •  Again, (none)
      Deibold isn't a factor in Oregon, because you can't mail an electronic voting machine.

      They mark Repub because they get paid for repub regs.

      The reason most people sign up as dem or repub is that you can't vote in the other guy's primary.

      In 2000, that meant there was a fairly high proportion of people registering repub just to influence which candidate "our guy" had to go against. If the primaries had still been remotely contested when they got to Oregon, people would have been switching their regs back to dem to vote in that one.

      Oregon is not used to being a potential "swing state". Usually the national race is called before our "polls" (or boxes) close. 2000 was a wake-up call, when not only didn't we know the prez before the voting ended, we didn't know before we finally staggered off to bed at 3 am, either. This is why Oregon is finally more interested and involved in the national election--it's like a statewide version of the apathetic voter who thought their vote didn't really "mean" anything...suddenly we found out that it could mean everything.

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