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View Diary: Shiny Bauble! (or Why Obama is Up 5 Points by Oct 2.) (32 comments)

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    bloomer 101

    Even if it is that easy, we still need to keep fighting.

    Your analogy will probably turn out to be correct. Obama will look youthful and vibrant while McCain will look like he is auditioning for a wake (I'll bring the whiskey).

    On the other hand, there is still the VP debate. For better or worse, the GOP will still look aesthetically more pleasing on stage. This is not meant to take anything away from Biden. Substantively, Biden will mop the floor with Palin. Unfortunately, she has the Kennedy-esque youth going for her. I have even heard of conservative males voting McCain-Palin simply for her looks.

    Remember that the radio audience thought Nixon won the first debate.

    So the point is that we cannot rely on the first debate to deliver the election, but you are correct. I will probably help those poll numbers.

    The GOP should be shitting bricks over the debate.

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