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    I have been collecting stamps since the age of four.  Now nearly 50 years later, I am an officer of America's oldest and most respective stamp club, the Chicago Philatelic Society.  So even though my foreign travels have been limited to a single three-hour trip to Windsor, Ontario back in the 1980s, I am prepared to claim more expertise in foreign policy than Blunder Woman Palin.  There is precedent for my claim.

    In addition to his many other accomplishments, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the most noted stamp collectors of his time.  (He even designed a few of the US stamp issued while in office!)  In 1944, FDR went to Hawaii to meet with his military leaders in the war against Japan, including MacArthur and Nimitz.

    In the course of the discussions, FDR commented at great length about some small Pacific islands that were potential military targets.  MacArthur was amazed that the crippled Roosevelt, whom he knew had never been to that part of the the Pacific, was so knowledgable about these islands.  So afterward, Gen. MacArthur asked the President how he knew so much about these islands.

    FDR replied, "Why Douglas, I collect stamps!"  

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