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View Diary: RNC funds voter supression efforts (229 comments)

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  •  Who will publicize? (none)
    It's essential that this receive publicity.  Do you know if Paul Krugman reads dailykos?  He very well might put it in his column.
    •  There is no reason any self-respecting (4.00)
      national journalist wouldn't go after this (of course, I'm often proved wrong). The question is, will the editors and owners allow it? They will have to cover it if we make enough noise, and the noise needs to be now. Sure, Kerry and his AG can go after them after we put them in office, but right now we have to push as hard as we can to make sure the election is far. It's obvious the bad guys are doing just the opposite.

      As posted in another thread, here are the numbers for the big wire services. I'm on the phone to Reuters as I type. The more they hear from us, the more likely it will get noticed:

      Reuters:  1-202-898-8464; this is their DC bureau
      AP:  1-800-585-6397; New York news office

      •  Update: (4.00)
        Reuters Washington DC says they've received a number of calls on this, indluding the KLAS story. The Reuters story is being coordinated out of the Los Angeles office. The bureau chief there is Kevin Krolicky and his number is 213-380-2014.
        •  Further update (4.00)
          Spoke to Reuters reporter Jill Serjeant who is covering the story. She said she is aware of the Sproul connection and has been contacted by the DNC (and my gut tells me probably the RNC as well). I don't think we need to pound them too much, but if we don't see it blowing up bigger over the next news cycle, we shouldn't let them drop it in all the post-debate spin.
    •  Krugman email (none)

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