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    This story, taken in a larger context, has the potential to cause a huge swing in actual voting beyond the usual persuasions plied on the general populace.  The key is to appeal to the anger and disgust most Americans will feel at this clear "smoking gun" case of systemic disenfranchisement.  Add to this case, which provides a pretty clear indictment on its own, reminders of all the other frauds being perpetrated.  (Did you check the citizen box as well as sign the affidavit? Are you sure you used 80 pound paper?  Was the Notary really a Notary?  Etc.)  Briefly reminding the people how "partisan hair splitting" in Florida last time around made all the difference in the final result brings home the relevance of a small number of votes.

    The clear bottom line, which I hope someone can put succinctly and eloquently, is that there is an undeniable and persistent pattern of Republican supporters systematically obstructing the voting rights of Democrats - directly by tearing up their registrations, and indirectly by using "clerical errors" and tenuous reasoning to suppress groups of registrations likely to be mostly Democrats - not to mention the various purges of groups of (mostly) Democrats from voter roles which have been reported.

    I believe anger about these widespread tactics used by Republican supporters can provide a highly effective motivation to get people to the polls.  People who don't always vote will have empathy for those who have been denied the right through these dirty tricks.  That emotion for many will turn into motivation.  I don't believe this story will change the minds of many voters as to which candidate they support, but I do believe it has great potential to motivate more people to vote, and that can only be bad news for the current administration.

    Changing voters' minds at this point is difficult, but motivating non-voters who already have an opinion to vote can have a huge payback.

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