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  •  Very impressive - one correction, tho' (2+ / 0-)
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    EJP in Maine, ShadowSD
    An extraordinarily useful compendium - thank you for all of the excellent work.  I was (pleasantly) surprised at how much I didn't know about Obama.

    My quibble is with the 'only Constitutional law scholar President' claim.  That is definitely incorrect.

    Woodrow Wilson was the sixth President of the American Political Science Association and was Professor of Constitutional law at New York Law School (though to be fair, Wilson was not a huge fan of the Constitution).

    In addition, I believe Bill Clinton taught Con Law at some point prior to becoming President.

    Not quite on point, there were the Presidents who were rather close scholars of the Constitution because they helped write it, Washington & Madison.

    •  Thank you so much for that, I had no idea (0+ / 0-)

      I will correct it.  If I am not mistaken, though, Obama's ten years means he taught Con Law for longer than Clinton, right?  How about Wilson?  If so, I can change it to say that Obama was a Constitutional Law Professor for longer than any past President. Please let me know if you have the info.  Thanks.

      The one diary you should read this year.

      by ShadowSD on Tue Sep 16, 2008 at 05:34:12 AM PDT

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