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View Diary: Kunstler: rebrand Republicans "the party that wrecked America" (39 comments)

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    No, it's no longer a political party. It has morphed into a Capone-like outfit, except without the competence.

    The final shift came when, nation-wide, Republicans on the street only spoke in talking points. 9/11 was Clinton's fault. Only the welfare fools of New Orleans waited too late to get out. Tax breaks for the rich build the economy.

    And the cappos at the top, Delay, Gingrich, McCain, covered for each others' crimes, gutting the ethics committees, lying outright on the record.

    At that point, it became a RICO scenario. And don't kid yourselves. That ordinary man on the street who still thinks war with Iraq is a good idea--he's complicit as Paul Wolfowitz, and just as responisble. Don't give any of them a break. They fear that if Obama wins, they could all go to prison. Don't let them forget that.

    Forget bi-partisanship. Send them all to hell.

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