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View Diary: NC-Pres: Despite Palin-fueled GOP surge, Dems still winning voter registration battle (139 comments)

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    They are on "offense" as of the last 4 or 5 days.

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      What "offense"? They have to show those news clips of McCain mixing up Sunni and Shiites while Lieberman whispers corrections in his ear. They have to barrage TV ads with news clips of McCain with Keating and all those lobbyists. They have to show newsclips of all McCain's homes while his wife talks about the jet she bought him. They have to show him stumbling in attempts to answer economic questions. And on... And on...  

      They have to use LIPSTICK ON A PIG as the new campaign motto. Anything that stirs up the enemy is good. Don't apologize for god's sakes. SOMETHING THAT WILL HIT HOME TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Not the same old boring droning on and on.

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