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View Diary: CA-04: Charlie Brown and Wesley Clark show the true meaning of patriotism (photoblog) (19 comments)

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    That's the number of miles between Thousand Oaks in Southern California and the 4th Congressional District. We actually went out and asked voters in Ventura County about Tom-- this is what they had to say...

    Charlie Brown for Congress

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      Charlie Brown for Congress

      and simple, of the purely reactionary, stay the course, he's always right type.  And this week of all weeks, with the markets in turmoil, does anyone think we need more extreme, right wing idealogues?  Or is it possible we want some commonsense, plainsense reformers -- like Charlie?  Here's what our own republican governor (the one before Arnold) said about McClintock - a member of his own party!!!

      As Governor, I could never count on Tom McClintock. He was always the first to criticize, but the last to help the team.  His record doesn’t match his rhetoric.  Tom McClintock votes against benefits for our troops in Iraq, but takes $306,000 in benefits for himself.

      Pete Wilson (Former Governor of California)

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