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View Diary: Call to Action:  Compile a List of Palin Problems (17 comments)

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  •  Forget Palin (1+ / 0-)
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    Forget Palin

    Focus on McCain.  Focus on McCain's lies.  Focus on McCain's self-dishonor.  Focus on McCain's weak legislative record.  Focus on McCain's selection of neocons too crazy for Bush.  Back off on the McCain=Bush stuff, and focus on McCain's own foibles.

    Palin is a smokescreen.  Yes, she will bring out some true believers who don't care who sits behind the desk in the oval office.  As long as their belief is true enough, God will guide their hand, so who they are doesn't matter.  Palin will bring out a few women who feel that she's like them, but she isn't, and then need to see that.

    Focus on McCain.  Even if you show everyone how truly bad Palin is, they still might vote for McCain, and they need to know the whole McCain story.

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