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  •  It did seem to me (none)
    that Schieffer's questions were way more Kerry-friendly than I'd expected.

    But you're right. People ask better questions. And by God, sometimes they're really personal.

    November 2: We're hacking up a hairball.

    by perro amarillo on Thu Oct 14, 2004 at 12:45:04 AM PDT

    •  questions were way more Kerry-friendly (none)
      than expected. I agree.

      The national guard question was a set up for Kerry to criticize Bush. Flu vaccine  question - the media hasn't blamed Bush for this, but Schieffer asked the question of the Pres - whoa- he's wondering why he had to answer for that.

      Minimum wage question. Wow.  When does the media discuss working wages?  Never.  

      Outsourcing?  Another good one I didn't expect. Bush's face looked frozen with rage to me.

    •  Disagree (none)
      I actually came to the complete opposite conclusion.  If they appeared "Kerry-friendly" it's because Kerry did a kick ass job of responding to them.

      The prime example was the following:

      Fairly early on, Schieffer asked Kerry if he was aware that Catholic bishops were saying that voting for Kerry is voting for evil and is un-catholic.  What the hell?  Should Bush even get a shot at a rebutal to that very personal question?  Kerry handled it well, but that was a hugely inappropriate question.

      Later on, Bush got a religion question, but it was phrased more along the lines of "is it true that you go to a higher power?"  Aww, what a softball.  Not at all like "Mr. Kerry are you aware that leaders of the Catholic church are calling you the spawn of satan?"

      I thought it was disgusting.

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