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    My thoughts are slightly divided on this topic...  Mainly because I work in the aerospace biz, and my programming job is DAMN secure.  I can guarantee, it will never be outsourced.  And we haven't really had a hiring freeze in nearly a decade.  

    I realize that other people's mileage may vary, but I have actually done very well during the Bush years.  I was earning a DIME above minimum wage when Bush took office, and was making less than $10 a year ago.  I took out student loans, whored myself, and busted my ass to get out of the gutter and into the middle class.  I honestly think that many other could do it, too.  And all three of the companies that I worked for are hiring.

    I knew that I couldn't wait for Bush to help me find a job.  I don't think others should, either...

    (I hate to sound cold-blooded, but I helped manage employees at one of those jobs.  $9/hr isn't much, but you can live on it.  I was constantly amazed by the people who claimed they were poor, but refused to do the simple manual labor necessary to keep the job.  I hated it, too, but you gotta go out and bust your own ass sometimes.)

    "Keep watch over absent meaning." --Maurice Blanchot

    by Fisher on Thu Oct 14, 2004 at 01:08:50 AM PDT

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