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  •  1950s and shifting (none)
    I have to hand it to Kerry for using a classic shift of evoking his dead mother. On two accounts. 1.) In this society people subconsciously empathize when a loved one has passed on, particularly a parent. Or rather it softens up a person's mindset. 2. )Ms. Kelly's book, I believe paints Babs as an icy battle axe, perfectly content to annihilate anyone in her way. Kerry's personal story invoking the words three times of integrity will reside in the minds long after this debate.

    Kerry missed many opportunities tonight, but scored one there.

    •  Speaking of Kitty Kelly's book.... (none)
      I'm reading it right now, about halfway through.  So far I've been surprised at how "fair and balanced" she is.  It wasn't what I expected.  Maybe there's more bad stuff later.  Granpa Preston Bush (the Senator) comes across as a well-meaning, albeit racist and elitist guy who became the role model for his son George.  It's kind of telling to know that the money came from the Walker side of the family... which explains why they have perpetuated the Walker name in each succeeding first-born male.  Tribute quid pro quo, so to speak.  

      I was reading while waiting for my appointment in the dermatoligist's office the other day, and boy did I get some nasty looks from the ultra conservative East Texans.  

      "Some people call you the elite....I call you my base." George W. Bush in Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer.

      by tomathawl on Thu Oct 14, 2004 at 08:13:32 AM PDT

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