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  •  Give Bob a break (none)
    Gas prices would have been a question in a town hall -- but the answers would have been canned.  Hearing bush talk about hydrogen cars and ANWR would have been entertaining -- but I already have it on TIVO.  

    Stem cells were mentioned in a question and Kerry failed to correct Bob and say he wasn't for "unlimited" stem cell research (human clones??).  

    On energy -- all our heads are firmly planted in the sand.

    Transportation??  We all want to keep our SUV's.  Most people don't live in SF where you can't park your car.  We won't worry about transportation policy until gas prices reach $5/gal.

    Kerry addressed outsourcing by going for honesty, integrity, and the center of the electorate.  

    Environment -- that would have been a good one.  This was Bush's weakest response in the last debate.  His "common sense"  ecology recommendations (Save the forests by cutting them down) reminded me of a certain supreme court justice and his Orwellian policy naming schemes had me on the floor.  Kerry could have addressed the fact that the "healthy forest" policy targets marketable timber and not fire prone forests near communities.  I care -- but I'm not sure anyone else gives a fuck.  They're too busy trying to pay off their credit card debt.  

     If you really thought Bob was incomplete -- maybe he went out of his way to push the soft balls.  Maybe he didn't want the headlines to be about CBS bias.  I think the softball questions helped Kerry -- allowed him to show his personal side.  

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