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  •  Outsourcing (none)
    Bush's answer was so insulting, he switched to education, as if people with multiple Masters in Engineering and Computer Science (who are being hit heavily with outsourcing), people with PhD's in Chemical Engineering (who are starting to be outsourced) need to go back to community college for retraining.

    Kerry is at least acknowledging the problem, yet no campaign mentions our trade deficit, which is now at crisis levels and how outsourcing is one symptom of overall decimation of the US as an world economy, long term.  (multinationals, sure they are doing well, but the US, well no)

    The question is will our government stop peddling to multinational corporations and start working for the  middle class?

    There needs to be a plan, a strategy to deal with the job question raised in debate #2 to Kerry that really wasn't addressed:, which is, what is the nation going to do about the "race to the bottom", the bottom being depressed wages?
    No one can compete with an equivalent white collar professional who offers the same results for 1/10th the price.  This is the fundamental issue
    going on that there is not, to date, a solution presented.
    Restructuring the tax code, manufacturing credits,  reduction of benefits costs, such as health care, forcing an increase in overall labor costs in the 3rd word by basically stopping the practise of slave labor (which is what China is doing), adding to the cost of doing business by not letting the  3rd world (or should I say the multinational corporations operating in the 3rd world)  ruin their (and our) environment, US domestic deficit reduction, all of these policy modifications will interplay and synergistically help.

    How much help is the question.  If it doesn't make the wages equivalent so all, lets say lawyers, cost the same world wide...then what is the US going to do?  Lose all of it's legal expertise to 3rd world experts?  

    Or, will they make sure we keep critical knowledge and skills within the US by demanding a PPI ratio adjuster, so we can compete yet have a high standard of living?  But, then this is a protectionist economic would be a wage tariff.  Let's say someone comes to their senses and realizes that sometimes a little tweak with a protectionist economic tool is "not a bad thing"...well,

    there still is a problem of the US not having a veto vote in the WTO.  We have 23 other nations who wish to sell to us and made sure we do not sell to them (at least not as much) making trade treaties and international law decisions that the US cannot veto...fundamentally a problem.


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