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View Diary: Are they going to make it the Black House? asks Scranton Catholic in NYT/UPDATE - EDITORIAL REAX (131 comments)

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  •  Shame Ray McCormick (7+ / 0-)

    He deserves it.

    I'm floored by the hypocrisy of Catholics. What gives that bishop the right to make that decision. That isn't the position of the Church.

    Good for you. Keep fighting.

    •  Tut tut (5+ / 0-)

      Every group has its share of ignorant morans--that goes for non-Christians as well.

      The hypocrisy of a few unenlightened Catholics doesn't make us all hypocrites.

      Please see the comment below about Catholic social teaching.  There are a lot of us Catholics who actually take this stuff seriously.

      •  I wish the pedophile priests took (2+ / 0-)
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        thatvisionthing, mollyk

        it seriously first. Then I would have a little more faith in my Catholic faith...

        I felt good today because I fought for the good of my country - My 8-year-old son after his first canvass.

        by the girl on Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 10:13:32 AM PDT

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        •  You feel about your Catholic faith (1+ / 0-)
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          the girl

          the way I feel about my faith in America.  I'm not leaving.  And I'm not looking to my elected officials for guidance.  Bush and Cheney?  Pelosi and Reid?  Spit.

          By the way, I was raised a Catholic but quit it as a teenager.  Why?  Because I couldn't get past the part of the mass where you had to recite in unison about how you had sinned, sinned grievously, been an abject shit that week.  There wasn't a place to recite in unison anything about the joy and love and hope you had given and taken that week.  Mass needed universal shame and guilt the way Republicans need universal fear.  Get free of the church and you see God all around you.  My favorite place to see God?  In trees and weeds and pigeons.  God is so marvelous in pigeons.  You can feel like total crap, and then suddenly there's a pigeon.  So beautiful in flight, so wonderful to see, and you can feed them and know you helped.  Riches have wings.  That's in the Bible.  I just never found God in church.

          •  you are much like me (0+ / 0-)

            and my son is about to receive first holy communion this year, they are learning about confession.

            just yesterday i had a talk with him. I told him when I was a child, I would 'make up' sins to tell the priest because i never really had any. i was no golden child, but i was 8 years old. what sins do i have at 8 years old?

            i told my son, when he is forced to go in and tell the priest his sins, to sit and tell the priest that he has no sins, that he is just a kid.

            but i want him out of there. i put him there because i went there and had a fantastic education, but the crap along with it these days is just too much.

            i am no church goer. i just wanted a good education for my son. i can get it somewhere else.

            I felt good today because I fought for the good of my country - My 8-year-old son after his first canvass.

            by the girl on Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 11:25:07 AM PDT

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            •  I had terrible sins as an 8-year-old (0+ / 0-)

              I said I fed the cats when I hadn't.  I ditched church and lied about it.  I didn't like the monsignor and felt like a creep around him.  Yet I also remember getting religious books in the mail from my Kentucky grandmother, and being the only sibling who read them, and being fascinated by some of the stories I read, none of which I can recall in detail now, just that that kind of grace was a place I could spend time in in my head and imagine a life in.  Years later I had a little brown Honda Civic that I cherished.  The paint had failed almost immediately and people (not me!) called it The Little Turd.  It was passed down to me in the late '70s when I was in college and it was so simple and so plain and so unfrilled, I came to think of it as the car St. Francis would have driven if he were alive now.  As the years went on and it was wearing out, the more disabled it got the more I loved it and tried to save it.  There's a dynamic there that I think of as religious in a way.

              One other thing I'd say is that I got much better at feeding cats and telling the truth when I got away from the church.  I've heard people say that pornography use is strongest where there are the strongest prohibitions against it (the religious South), and that abortions are fewest where laws are least.  So if your bishop really wanted to minimize abortions, he might think of and respect the idea of supporting the least laws against it.  Also, I think it should be manifestly self-evident to religious people that God is pro choice, because that's what we're taught distinguishes us as His creations, knowledge of good and evil, and that we must choose.

              Also, because I know you care about pigeons -- when I discovered pigeons, when pigeons came to me in a time of great grief, I felt like I had found that place of grace, I had found that home that I never found in church.  God is in the pigeons.

              •  The proper name for a pigeon (0+ / 0-)

                is Rock Dove.

                I like it. I am sad this diary died so fast, and the other ones I wrote and we wrote on are gone too.

                But here we are preaching to the choir. We have to go out and be rock doves - spreading the message of compassion, strength and peace to everyone who will listen.

                I like you thatvisionthing. You are a good soul.

                I felt good today because I fought for the good of my country - My 8-year-old son after his first canvass.

                by the girl on Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 12:58:10 PM PDT

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                  •  more discouragement (0+ / 0-)

                    just got home from my local YMCA where I have worked part time for years.

                    Ran into two people I have known as regulars there, and the election came up.

                    The first was a man who told me in no way would he vote for Obama - same old crap. This is now becoming code for "Obama is black and I am a bigot."

                    Same story. Knows nothing about the issues.

                    He also told me that on the sly, the ol'boys in the locker room whisper to each other how they would never vote for a black man. It's rampant he said. But it is covert.

                    Another friend said her Republican friend is the same way, and tried to convince my friend to vote for McCain, with a poll on the issues.

                    Turns out my friend is an Obama supporter and she discovered it through the McCain poll. Score one for the good guys. But she too, has heard so much racisim whispered behind the locker doors.

                    I asked her to canvass with us this weekend. I'll call and ask on Saturday. But this is exactly what I feared. Racism is the only issue here that I can see.

                    Bradley effect. I am so nervous about it. How many people are saying Obama and then whispering behind locker doors that they'd never vote for him? How many people are using the abortion issue to cover up their racism?

                    I am disgusted with this. I am the type to only work harder, but I know, if this fails, I will not recover easily. I am afraid of the fallout to me personally if this fails and I see this evil prevail again. Nice guys do finish last. I am convinced of it. And I also fear for Obama's life. I really, truly do.

                    It makes me admire him more, he inspires me more. He is not afraid. He is out there, he keeps going. He knows all of this, and yet he keeps going. So I will too. He is a true inspiration, a true leader. God help us if he doesn't win.

                    I felt good today because I fought for the good of my country - My 8-year-old son after his first canvass.

                    by the girl on Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 03:51:48 PM PDT

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