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View Diary: Fightin' Joe Biden Reams Michigan GOP Chief Who Said "If you lost your home, you lose your vote" (27 comments)

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  •  Biden in Ohio blasts McCain's deathbed conversion (2+ / 0-)
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    Joe Biden devoted the first leg of his 2-day bus tour through Ohio to a sound thrashing of John McCain for being for deregulation of the financial markets before he was against it — saying McCain "fell off his horse" on the Road to Damascus.

    The Delaware Senator ridiculed McCain for saying the fundamentals of the economy are strong, then saying two hours later that we’re in a great economic crisis. "This boy had what they called a political epiphany, not a policy one," he told a vocal crowd of 1,500 in this small town near Toledo.

    "If John cares so much about this now, where was he a week ago? Where was he a month ago? Where was he 5 years ago? I’ll tell you where he was. He was bragging to the folks on Wall Street, the executives who now he calls greedy, he was bragging to them how he was going to shred the regulation that fetters them, that ties them down," Biden said, calling those regulations "the very things that protected ordinary people on Main Street."

    "All of a sudden it’s ‘my goodness there’s greed on Wall Street. My goodness we need common sense regulation. My goodness,’" he continud. "This is a simple simple choice people have. It’s a choice between those who think that the marketplace and the corporations and the wealthy of America should go unfettered and have no regulation, and those of us who think there should be common sense rules to protect transparency so people can see the ability to know where your dollars are going."

    "John has said to the folks on Wall Street, and again I’m quoting here – this is in the Wall Street Journal – I’m always for less regulation. Here now, John has said he’s going to crack down on the greed on Wall Street. The greed of American corporations," he said.

    "Lets take a look at John’s conversion here. Something happened on the road to Damascus. John fell off his horse, but he got back on the same horse." That proverbial horse, Biden said, lies in McCain’s health care plan — which would effectively remove state regulations on providers by allowing consumers to buy any plan in any state in the union.

    To anyone who trusts the insurance companies to look out for them, Biden said "I’ve got also a bridge I gotta sell you here. And guess what, it’s in Alaska and it goes to nowhere."

    Biden, voice raised, said "If I sound angry it’s because I am angry. I am sick and tired of this." At various times, he turned that anger towards Republicans who still say they can manage money — "Who are these guys? Where do they come from? What possible right do they have to say to anybody, particularly to us, that they know how to manage our money and manage the economy?" — and Hedge Funds, which he said need to be more transparent.

    "If we’re going to bail you out, if we give you an opportunity, if we give corporations the inside track then you better damn well open your books to us and let us see exactly what you have," he shouted. "If you don’t want our money, keep your books closed. You want our money to bail you out, then you better let us know what you’re doing and what you own."

    Noticed how McCain reads his entire stump speech from prepared 3x5 cards? "McCain, Ready to Read" is the new slogan.

    by Inland on Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 11:20:21 AM PDT

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