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    Bottom line: after some reflection, are you up to it? Campaigning is intense -- are you prepared, for 4-6 weeks (not sure how long campaigns are in Nova Scotia), to dive into it?

    If you don't think you can win, the decision becomes easier than if you have a shot at it. You only need to consider how you feel about the life of a candidate, for a short period of time. Heck, I've often thought it'd be fun to try. But if you think you can win, you're contemplating a career change as well.

    I don't think the rest of us can tell you whether you're up to it, or whether a career change is right for you. Give it a long hard think-over. Probably take a month -- your riding association people should be too busy working on the federal campaign to worry about a provincial nomination meeting right now. (Although Yarmouth must be in West Nova -- I don't think the NDP is competitive there, right?)

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