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View Diary: Hagel: Palin exp. claim "insulting to the American people" (87 comments)

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    I KNEW this one was coming.  I saw Sen. Hagel speak at GWU a couple of months ago with Frank Sesno.  One hour, non-stop, of pure, unadulterated and ridiculously creative yet pragmatic FOREIGN POLICY.  I may not agree entirely with some of his other positions, but I guarantee you, 95% of his statements could have come straight out of the mouth of Joe Biden and Barack Obama.  Chuck Hagel is a big picture thinker when it comes to foreign relations, none of that Surge! Surge! crap.  

    By the way, Frank Sesno at one point suggested, possibly, secretary of state Hagel, and the room burst out in applause.  (a room full of Eastern, elitist college students, cheering a TRUE foreign policy conservative).  That was a good day.

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