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  •  Email from relative in Katy (22+ / 0-)

    (Received from family member living in one of the less devastated suburbs of Houston (about 40 minutes under normal conditions west of Houston))

    Dear Friends and Family,

    There are two places listed below that have put a call out for items.  I am going to go through our closets to bring things to them.  Katy Ministries and Grace Fellowship are the places that have a need around us.  They have evacuees and they are helping several people in the community and surrounding area.

    The word is out that Katy has some power and the lots of  grocery stores.  There are long lines and frustrated people.  People are driving from everywhere to purchase gas and food in the Katy area.  As of yesterday there were only two malls that were open....they are trying to provide a place for people to come, sit, cool off,  have a bathroom to use, and hot food.  Some of the stores are open well as movies houses.  We went yesterday and the day before.....we saw alot of people just sitting and "hanging out" and resting.

    This morning I went out again to drive around to the grocery stores looking for milk, eggs, and other dairy items.  I also tried again to get gas.  This time I was lucky.....I got gas.  I hit it at the right time....when the men were going out to work on the lines and other debris. I got in line with them and then got my gas.  Everyone I see I have told them thank you for being there and for supporting us.  Yesterday,  I was able to get one carton of milk(after spending two hours)....just a bit bigger then what you get for lunch in the cafeteria, one dozen eggs, some cheese, and eight sticks of butter.  That is much better than what I got the day before.....a case of water.  The day before that ......nothing.   The grocery stores are having a hard time to get supplies.....eggs and milk being the hardest.  The resturants around us can barely serve breakfast any longer and have reduce menus....because there is such a shortage of supplies.  

    Yesterday,  I thanked a young lady who drove up from San Antonio HEB stores.  She said that there were teams of HEB employees (grocery store) who are driving in from around Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and even further up in the Texas panhandle.  She told me that HEB was pulling inventory from other stores to help fill in stock in the Houston area.  She said that the hardest thing she had to do was tell people on Tuesday that the store she was working in which had no power ...but was allowing people to buy items didn't have dairy items ....water and ice. She said that she felt awful.  She also said that she was seeing people from the day before (Tuesday) shopping in the store in Katy on yesterday, Just before I left I told her how much I appreciated her coming to help Houston and it's surrounding community.

    I will write more later....sleep is taking over....went to bed around midnight and woke up at 5:30am to go out and get supplies.


       UPDATE: Needs at the Red Cross Shelter at Grace Fellowship on Mason
       Posted by: DELETED
       Here is the latest report from this shelter:We are asking for clean items. We are asking for new or gently used items.Currently (Weds at 11 a.m.) we know we need sheets, blankets, pillows,padding for cots, toiletries, men's and women's clothing, new underwear, new socks, children's clothing, diapers. We are setting up a shelter "store" where shelter residents can come and shop (for free) to get clothing items, diapers, bedding, etc. The store is being set up in the coffee shop/bookstore on the 1st floor of the Mansion.Best case scenario: Come to the "store" and check the bulletin board posted at the entrance to the coffee shop to see what we are short on. Go get those items and bring them to the store. Any leftover items will be donated to Katy Christian Ministries. Also: Katy Christian Ministries has called us, and they are in great need of non-perishable food items and clothing to be donated at their old Katy location on 5th Street.Location and contact information listed below from the last email.

    How do I know what I think 'till I see what I write?

    by JRandomPoster on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 10:11:53 AM PDT

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