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View Diary: [Updating Intermittently] Hurricane Ike Media Brownout Info Diary - Day 6 (283 comments)

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  •  Many thousand still without power in Upper Ohio (10+ / 0-)

    Valley.  Ike was a beast.  There's so much wind damage in OH, KY, & PA.   Many electric providers sent crews to help out on the gulf coast and don't have nearly enough people to restore service.

    We are all droogie6655321

    by Buckeye BattleCry on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 10:27:57 AM PDT

    •  And remove trees. (2+ / 0-)
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      mint julep, revgerry
      My bro has been trying for days to get an adjuster to come out.  I told him to call again and this time EMPHASIZE that the tree could fall and injure or kill someone.  You'd have to see it - his silver maple opened up like a flower and a chunk of it is resting on his house.  Not lying on, but resting mostly upright.  This means that gravity could take over and bring sixty feet of tree DOWN crushing anything in its path.

      Proud member of the Cult of Issues and Substance!

      by Fabian on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 10:55:01 AM PDT

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      •  If it's near a power line or house supply line... (0+ / 0-)

        The electrical guys are traveling with treecutters, so they may be able to help if the tree needs to be moved so they can restore power to folks or gain access lines in the back yard. The treecutters down the block gave a neighbor an extra 15 minutes of chainsaw action just to help her out.

        "I'm not a humanitarian. I'm a hell-raiser." Mother Jones

        by histopresto on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 11:03:58 AM PDT

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        •  It's crane work. (4+ / 0-)

          The chunk o' tree needs to be stabilized somehow to keep it from falling as it is pieced apart. Joe Chainsaw need not apply unless he's bonded and insured.

          What's truly impressive is that not a window is cracked.  

          Too bad my bro didn't take my advice when he bought the house.  I TOLD him to get a certified arborist to look at the tree and clean it up.  I didn't like the look of it.  Turns out it was rotten down the middle and just waiting to fail.

          Proud member of the Cult of Issues and Substance!

          by Fabian on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 11:15:44 AM PDT

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      •  Yikes (1+ / 0-)
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        We're aren't having those kinds of problems here, thank goodness.  I've seen local fire depts out cutting downed trees.  One tree I saw, a big old buckeye tree that landed on a porch roof, was cleared the next day.

        This is not a heavily populated area, so maybe that's why adjusters come quicker than your area.  I would not want to wait for days to take care of a dangerous situation like that.  

        We are all droogie6655321

        by Buckeye BattleCry on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 11:10:33 AM PDT

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    •  My mother in Cincinnati has (1+ / 0-)
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      mint julep

      been without power for days.  

    •  That front (0+ / 0-)

      had it pouring buckets up here in KC Missouri for a couple of weeks.  We've also had quite a few tornados in the area, though luckily not many of them touched down, and no major flooding.  Its always darkly funny when they have the flood and tornado warnings at the same time.  Do we take shelter in the basement or the attic?  If you are outside do you move to higher ground hide in a ditch?
      However, the weather seems to be stabilizing this week.  
      Incredible, the forces at work here.

      "YOPP!" --Horton Hears a Who

      by Reepicheep on Thu Sep 18, 2008 at 05:02:01 PM PDT

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