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  •  She may be over in Alaska too (3+ / 0-)
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    I've been following her story in the Alaska newspapers. She may have seriously damaged her political career there.

    They are especially angry about Troopergate and the interference of the McCain campaign coming in and trashing Moneghan, who was very respected in Alaska (I've even read the word "beloved" in some of the coverage). That's in addition to her shifting position.

    From the Achorage Daily Newseditorial:

    The McCain campaign apparently fears honest answers to those questions. Monday, two campaign operatives held a press conference to stir up partisan hysteria about the investigation and assail Monegan as "insubordinate" and a "rogue."

    It was the kind of full-frontal personal attack that is so common in Washington, D.C. While pledging to clean up the nation’s capital, the McCain campaign has brought Washington’s repulsive tactics here to us in Alaska. The McCain-Palin attack on Monegan left key questions unanswered.

    If he was so insubordinate, why did she offer him a different job in her administration?

    Why is aide Frank Bailey on a recording telling a trooper lieutenant, "she really likes Walt a lot," before going on to say the lack of action on Wooten is "very, very troubling to her and the family."

    How did Bailey get the information from Wooten’s workers’ compensation claim, as he stated on the recording?


    BOTTOM LINE: Palin and McCain are trying to ignite a partisan firestorm that wipes out the Troopergate investigation until after the election.

    Then there's what Alaskans are learning about their governor like the per diem for staying in her own house and Todd Palin's involvement in the day-to-day running of the state government.

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