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  •  AK Natives dis Palins: On AK Newsreader blog (0+ / 0-)

    I incorrectly listed the Anchorage Daily News/AK Politics blog for this story -- it's at the ADN Alaska Newsreader blog as follows:

    How Native is Todd Palin? What a touchy question, right? Alaska Real, written by "a 20-something Tlingit/Athabascan woman" known as Writing Raven, tackles this one head-on today. Her personal blog post refers to Todd Palin and his heritage, but over at, where it is an editor's pick in the Open Salon, it's called "Todd Palin's bloodlines."

    After background on variations of what ¼, 1/16 or 1/8 Native blood can mean, the writer gets to her point.

    To be very clear - I absolutely do not believe that blood quantum defines how "Native" you are. The frequent mention of it as a disqualifying factor is wrong. For that matter, there are countless ways to be a proud member of the Native community, and none of it has to do with that extra 1/16 more Native blood you have than the next guy over. What defines you as a Native leader, and a 'Native example' is much easier to nail down, and in this case, Todd would not be the definition of either.

    He has also never been part of the Southcentral Alaska Native culture, nor have his children, despite being raised here. To me, this says he is either disinterested, or because he is limited in a few of the organizations (namely tribal) he is rejecting the whole. In any case, both the Palins have a dismal record on Native issues, so please, do not look to Todd's heritage to help with them. That he hasn't done anything because of it so far is a good indicator that he won't be encouraging his wife on anything in the future.

    This post includes half a dozen links to news sources examining the Palin record with Alaska Natives in her home state. She also provides a link to the widely circulated Internet document called, "Sarah Palin's Record on Alaska Native and Tribal Issues," created by Lloyd Miller, an Anchorage Native rights attorney.

    On the Alaska Native political front, the Bristol Bay Times reports that "Heartbeat Alaska" creator Jeanie Greene says she will use her show and Web site to collect commentary from Alaska Natives on Palin's record. Greene says she plans to invite Palin onto her show the second Sunday in October; if the VP candidate refuses the invite, Greene will host a panel of Native experts discussing her record on these issues.

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