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View Diary: CNN picks up rape kit story - we're being heard? (84 comments)

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    that when a woman in Wassila was taken to an emergency room, the hospital billed the patient.  If they were required to do so, then they had to interview the woman (imagine!) about her health insurance, determine if she was covered, and then if she wasn't inform her that she would be billed, and make her sign some sort of release to that effect, just like any other visit to an emergency room.

    That in itself is going to be a huge disincentive to poor women, who are usually the most vulnerable to violence in the first place.

    But all of this is a side issue. The point is that Palin did not enact policies which made it easier for the police to arrest and convict rapists, and instead insisted on a policy which opened a window of opportunity for a serial rapist to get away with his crime and rape again.  

    All because of emergency contraception.

    I have spoken to women who are ardently anti-abortion and they are shocked by this policy.  

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