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View Diary: How much is $700 billion? (33 comments)

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  •  Most people are so overextended... (0+ / 0-)

    that all it will take is a trigger, a cascading loss of jobs, payments on all debts, and further failure of companies and loss of jobs.

    This is a house of cards.  And what no one is saying, not McCain, not Obama, not the change will not come with this 700B.  It will only keep the system alive for a while longer.

    Perhaps the only cure is a depression, a decline in productivity, wealth....and most importantly...expectatons.

    And old car, an old house, a smaller TV will be O.K. And some people work and other's don't

    This is major, and our political system isn't capable of other than trying to get elected.

    Sadly, our man Obama, has no more taste, or concept, or suicidal instincts to do this than does the opposition.

    I hate when I'm so lucid.

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