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  •  Can't believe Obama's only winning by 3%. n/t (25+ / 0-)

    You can lead a Republican to the facts, but you can't make him think.

    by Greasy Grant on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 02:53:02 PM PDT

    •  Yeah...beyond shocking (28+ / 0-)

      Barack has remained one cool cat during all of this while McCain has been running around saying anything to anybody at any time.  Its bizarre how this economic crisis hasn't further cemented what a disaster a McCain presidency would be.

    •  I get the feeling... (16+ / 0-)

       ...the lead might be bigger than that.

       Paulsen's grand theft of the Treasury is set up to screw the next president. If he were sure it was McCain, he wouldn't be doing it.

      "Le ciel est bleu, l'enfer est rouge."

      by Buzzer on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 03:04:53 PM PDT

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      •  No, it's a win-win for those kleptocrats. (3+ / 0-)
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        Kitty, sacrelicious, wader

        If they do somehow accidentally fail to screw the public as much as they want to, then they take credit for doing well. If they succeed, then first they blame Democrats (using their monopoly of talk radio and the TV infotainers' inability to judge lies); and then they say that regardless it proves that government is worthless, so we should just ignore it (while they use it to pick our pockets).

        McNasty/Barracuda '08: Eff you, we got ours!

        by SciVo on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 03:17:49 PM PDT

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      •  3% lead (3+ / 0-)
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        Kitty, Fonsia, GoogleBonhoeffer

        is most likely being generated using models from past elections...So, if this was 2004 Obama would win by 3%. But it's not, so what happens when you combine the higher turnout Obama will generate on top of his 3% lead?

    •  You do realize he's black, right? (20+ / 0-)

      I mean, if you brought someone forward in time all the way back from, oh, 2006, they'd be stunned, astonished, shocked to see Obama doing so well. What was the last time you heard someone ask "Is the nation ready for a black president?"

      It's never easy being first.

      "Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor," - Mudflats.

      by johnsonwax on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 03:17:38 PM PDT

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    •  The polls are BS (4+ / 0-)
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      Kitty, snootless, soms, Tricky


      The polls are BS. Likely voters have voted in the last 2 elections so pollsters don't reach MILLIONS of 1st time voters + longtime nonvoters. Advantage BHO!

      by GoogleBonhoeffer on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 03:24:06 PM PDT

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    •  A couple of quotes on the close race (4+ / 0-)
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      Kitty, deep, Greasy Grant, vernonbc

      From The Push to ‘Otherize’ Obama

      (Just imagine for a moment if it were the black candidate in this election, rather than the white candidate, who was born in Central America, was an indifferent churchgoer, had graduated near the bottom of his university class, had dumped his first wife, had regularly displayed an explosive and profane temper, and had referred to the Pakistani-Iraqi border ...)

      Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet
      By Maureen Dowd

      BARTLET You’re a 47-year-old black man with a foreign-sounding name who went to Harvard and thinks devotion to your country and lapel pins aren’t the same thing and you’re in a statistical tie with a war hero and a Cinemax heroine. To these aged eyes, Senator, that’s what progress looks like.

      And my own thoughts when someone wonders why Obama can't close the deal
      McCain is a unique republican. He isn't really but that has strongly been his image for many years. The honest straight talker, maverick, the war hero, country first. Independents use to like him more that republicans did but now he has the republicans firmly behind him and the excitement of Palin.
      The worst of him doesn't get a lot of TV attention (people don't read much, the print media has covered more) His good relationship with the media so long, he called them his base, paid dividends. They are reporting more now about McCain/Palin...the last several days but they seem to work to be "fair and balanced" and try to show how both sides distort and attack unfairly. Really?
      And I don't even know what if on Fox but many people watch that including Independents.
      But the media sucks. Here we all know "Obama broke his pledge to take public finances" (in fact he made no pledge to do that if you saw what he wrote) but how many knows about McCain breaking the rules with primary financing? Things like that

      Obama is young, black and has names that remind people of enemies of America and that a large minority think he is Muslim, won't say pledge of allegiance and so on. I don't think any candidate has had such an onslaught of rumors and chain e-mails that site sources (either fake ones or ones that also have the lie)

      Obama has run against the Clintons and now the rovian politics. He has been attacked as "just words", no action, empty, no accomplishments, not ready, sexist, evil friended, race baiting and so on by experts. Non-stop.

      There is a cost to negative campaigning within your own party, there just is. I like Hillary but I did not like her negative campaign sink AND bathroom sink.
      Although she endorsed him she did not take back anything she said about him. Those who believed her and do not see it as negative campaigning still believe her and also believe she was cheated. I know they are upset Obama didn't do more to quell the talk that they played the race card but they never defended him from the charges of sexism or unfair caucuses

      I bring these things up because comments after articles are full of these things, people tell me that real life Hillary supporters they know will not support Obama because of X, Y and Z (some of Clinton's campaign claims and how he wronged her) and that Hillary only endorsed him because the party made her do it and she is noble.
      Obama is doing about the same as Gore and Kerry with republican and Independents. It's with Democrats that he is lower and specifically with Democrats that voted Hillary.

      He is about the same percent behind with whites and does better with blacks and Latinos than Gore and Kerry. He is WAY ahead of them with young voters but worse with 60+.

      If you compare everything, even small towns and rural, even low income Obama is about the same as them. Obama does better in a several areas (youth, minorities, educated) but does worse with two groups...older people and Dems, specifically Hillary voting Dems.

      If he had better support of his own party, near what McCain has with his, he would be way ahead.

      •  I agree about the Hillary (3+ / 0-)

        supporters, but I think most of them will come home.  I am so sick of people asking "why can't Obama close the deal with these rural voters."  As if, it is his fault.  Why can't McCain close the deal with 10% of AA voters?  No one asks that.  

      •  And then you've got Bill Clinton doing a national (0+ / 0-)

        tv tour and he says more glowing things about McCain and what a stellar fellow he is. Bill has trouble even mentioning Barack's name and the most he'll do is concede that the Dems will win.  I am so very very tired of the Clintons.

        He's not an African American candidate, he's and American candidate. - Jean Weiss on CNN

        by vernonbc on Tue Sep 23, 2008 at 07:49:12 PM PDT

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