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View Diary: A Fired up Al Gore Calls for Civil  Disobedience (348 comments)

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    He didn't get global warming from the category of things that sandal wearing hippies care about to something all Americans should care about.  He didn't lead the push that has people changing thier light bulbs, and changing thier ways. So given his track record this call is insane right?

    This is a warning that the forces of corporatism and greed are winning and it is time to fight back with everything we have.  The new Freedom Tower in New York will be surrounded by water in our lifetimes if we don't act.  More cities will be erased from the face of the earth by stronger and more frequent violent weather if we don't act.  A financial crisis is seen as the end of the world because Wall Street is afraid but Global Warming will be the end of the world, well at least the end of our current lifestyle. Just because something is politically inconvenient does not mean it should be hidden away for a better time because there is no better time.

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