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  •  The big untold story of Wright could break. Time (1+ / 0-)
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    Magazine's Jay Carney said they got videos or audio tapes of years and years of sermons. A crew of reporters listened to everyone of them.

    It was bound to happen. Although it was shown Obama was not at the sermons the clips were from he was at many of these. He is on record saying a few times he had not heard Wright saying things like this. No one really believed it though and I still hear people wonder how he could have listened to that hate for 20 years and expose his children to it.

    So if this breaks the truth will get out. They went through all those sermons and were all so sick of sermons and they found-
    nothing really controversial. Just your basic Sunday preaching.
    Obviously this is a huge story! It's probably taking awhile to write because they need to explore how it is even possible the media allowed such a skewed presentation to be shown as the whole story, no other side given, a candidate in trouble, a man who had devoted his life to building up this church and having so many wonderful ministries offering so many services... a respected scholar and lecturer...trashed. A congregation of thousands who worshiped and served there-trashed. Hate mails and threats filled their lives...

    Probably Carney wants to see how that was even possible because it has been awhile now since he revealed this right on TV, ABC's This Week. George asked him when we'd hear more about Wright and Jay revealed what was found on the tapes. Jay was surely being coy when he told George there wasn't any story because there was nothing controversial on the tape. You know, sarcasm. He's a secret jokester. He was just joshing. Kidding around. Something.
    I'm sure we'll read all about it anytime. He revealed it on Georges March 23rd show.
    Any time, Time.
    It's a big story.

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