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  •  I think he is only half a bigot (0+ / 0-)

    my impression is that many sub-sahara Africans believe in witchcraft and sorcery, while they try out at the to be Christians at the same time. I guess at least 70 percent of the population is some countries. They frequent Christian churches or sects and get easily attached to obscure (mostly white, but not always) missionary groups coming from overseas who work in their countries .

    At the same time they visit traditional healers, who fight witches and sorcerers with their own methods. It's a competetive business. The calculation is that double protection is better than just one, so you need a Christian God and a potent traditional healer. They pay them both good stuff for protecting you. It makes a good living to be a preacher and/or a traditional healer in poor Africa and - like in the US - they often have much power behind and over government officials of their dictators.

    If they are bigots then it is bigotery vis a vis Christianity, because if the shit hits the fan and fears burden their souls, traditional healers always win. It's also seldom that this bipolar oscillation between Christian churches and traditional healers (who can be sorceres at the same time and are always feared to be) would create some sort of conflict in their mind. They integrate both and it's very ok with them. It's even thought to be a smart thing to do.

    A character like Muthee is common among African men, including their racism and eloquence.

    Just saying ...

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