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  •  Christopher Marlowe - Christ was a bastard (2+ / 0-)
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    subtropolis, rdbaker43

    The author of Tamburlaine and Dr Faustus is my personal favorite atheist.  This is from Wikipedia:

    Baines attributes to Marlowe a total of eighteen items which "scoff at the pretensions of the Old and New Testament"[4] such as, "Christ was a bastard and his mother dishonest [unchaste]", "the woman of Samaria and her sister were whores and that Christ knew them dishonestly" and, "St John the Evangelist was bedfellow to Christ and leaned always in his bosom" (cf. John 13:23-25) and "that he used him as the sinners of Sodom". Other passages are merely sceptical in tone: "he persuades men to atheism, willing them not to be afraid of bugbears and hobgoblins".

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