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  •  Oh my ... tased??? (0+ / 0-)

    Soldiers get a lot worse than tased as part of routine training.  We got tear-gassed, and we had to take the gas masks off and count to ten aloud, before we could leave the chamber.  Once we got out, we all began throwing up, right on cue.  Oh, and that was scheduled right after chow, either breakfast or lunch, just to make sure....

    We got beaten up, by our drill instructors and by each other, both in pugil stick (bayonet) and in martial arts training.  We were sleep deprived, to the point of going into a mental haze, and then sent to run the obstacle course.  We were deprived of food as part of basic SEER training.  They don't call that week "The Crucible" as a joke.  It's hell on earth, and it's made as hellish as possible, and for damn good reasons.

    The only thing we weren't deprived of was water.  In fact, we were nearly drowned, when we were told to jump into the pool, in full uniform and gear, and the water survival instructors swam around and pulled us underwater, twisting us in circles to get us disorientated, while we tried to shed our packs and deploy our life preservers.

    And if you sucked in a lungful of water and started drowning - which everyone was made to do as part of the training - they hauled you out, let you cough the water up, made sure you were breathing again ...

    ... and threw you the hell right back in.  Still in full uniform, with full pack.  To start again.

    Being tased hurts.  A lot.  So do a lot of the other things you undergo in routine training.  I'm sorry if that upsets you, but it's always been part of how troops have trained.  It's not abusive, and they tell you exactly what's going to happen and how it will feel, and there are always medics on hand if someone gets seriously injured.  But that is a routine part of military training, Clio.

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