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  •  So tonight Obama debates himself (0+ / 0-)

    and then next week it is Biden's turn. Sounds like McCain has to show if that is what they decide to do (and it wouldn't surprise me if she bails on her candidacy). I hope that Mitt tells McCain to shove the job of VP candidate. In fact it might take them to pretty close to the election to find anyone stupid enough to run with a sure loser.

    We have only just begun and none too soon.

    by global citizen on Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 08:29:54 AM PDT

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    •  Nope, McC will be there n/t (2+ / 0-)
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      buddabelly, triv33
    •  JSM'll attend (0+ / 0-)

      and fake it as best he can, meeting low expectations.
      I don't think "family emergency" will cut it for Sarahcuda at all, nor a medical emergency without exact details in notarized statements from more than one doctor.

    •  I think Biden has the more difficult job: (2+ / 0-)
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      global citizen, atxcats

      debating Palin, than Obama does debating McCain. Biden has to be careful not to denigrate her as a woman and he has to be prepared for a 'charm assault' from her ... Palin is like a vaudville performer, onstage and flashy, so the tough part for Biden is not to play into her hands.
          Obama should lightly push McCain's buttons and hope McSame will lose his temper.
          I don't think I've ever seen a candidate make as many mistakes as McCain has in the last few days. A gift to the Dems!...

      In youth we learn, in age we understand.

      by Jbeaudill on Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 08:39:03 AM PDT

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      •  I'm honestly questioning McCain's ability (1+ / 0-)
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        to think clearly. No ageism here, just concern that he is losing it. My wife, the medical professional of the family, has seen some of his interviews and thinks he might have the onset of dementia. The occasional looks of confusion and confused responses might indicate that. She works a lot with stroke and other brain injured patients so her opinion has me concerned.

        "No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government. Always hopeful yet discontent, he knows changes aren't permanent. But change is." -Neil Peart

        by Boisepoet on Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 10:05:40 AM PDT

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        •  Having worked with neuro-surg patients, I (0+ / 0-)

          agree with you and your wife. I actually feel sorry for the guy, the campaign is a lot of stress and wear that someone his age will find it hard to stand up to over time, ditto the presidency.  I cannot imagine he'll win anyway at this point, not after all the poor decisions he and his campaign have made this past week.  

          In youth we learn, in age we understand.

          by Jbeaudill on Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 04:41:26 PM PDT

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