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  •  the word "belief" (5+ / 0-)

    About 25 years ago I went to a wood fired bake oven conference. One of the speakers was a scientist from Norway. The Norwegians have wood fired ovensin their homes, thereofore were very interested in studying the most efficient oven shape, to use the least wood to the greatestes effect.

    At the conference were a few "new age" types who held some mystical "beliefs" about fire. They almost drove the scientist nuts with their "beliefs" about fire. At the end of the conference the scientist finally exploded which something about "you Americans with your "beliefs, you say belif, we say we know, we say we have studied and can prove that our data is scientifically correct. You just say you "believe" and, poof, that's it.  You mae anything true just because you say, "I believe."  

    I had an inward laugh because I thought, boy wait until he hears what we mericans believe about the the geological history of the world.

    The main thing is that critical thinking, the scientific process of testing questioning and testing againt is not taught in our schools at all.
    It is actively discouraged.

    •  And it is so wrong (4+ / 0-)

      To place scientific inquiry on the same level as belief. But to me it is rooted in the intellectual laziness of the American people as a whole (with of course notable exceptions). But it is culturally acceptable, and even encouraged, to not ask too many questions. "Be like the little children", "Lambs and goats", and the like. Ignorance and submission are features, not bugs.

      Obama/Biden '08 Yes We Can! Long live droogie6655321!

      by alkalinesky on Sat Sep 27, 2008 at 08:53:25 AM PDT

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