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  •  many roots with *same* suboptimal genetic code??? (2+ / 0-)
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    buckhorn okie, dogemperor

    OK, class, let's do as they ask and examine this orchard hypothesis:

    All the "many roots" in the orchard just happen to have developed the same coding for mapping triplets of DNA base pairs to amino acids?

    They all just happen to use RNA templates for forming those proteins?

    And as I'm sure one of their claims is that we humans have our very own special "root" in the prettiest, sunniest part of the orchard, we just happen to share 98% of our genome with those chimps over on some other tree way, way, way, way far away from our super special tree?

    Now class, remember what we learned about Occam's Razor?

    My sympathies to you biologists out there. As a mathematics professor, I should each day thank the goddess that I don't have to fend of idiots claiming  that pi is 3.0 because that's the ratio appearing in the Biblical description of the temple.    

    The end of fear is the beginning of wisdom -- Bertrand Russell

    by entropos on Sat Sep 27, 2008 at 09:29:16 AM PDT

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